About Fortitude Behavior

My name is Tim Weimer. I graduated from Thomas More University in 2017 where I was a student athlete majoring in Sport and Entertainment Marketing, while playing the great game of football. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my passion since going off to college. I fell in love with pushing myself mentally and physically in the weight room or on the field. I started find myself falling in love with the process of bettering myself more and more. After my sophomore year of college I wanted to switch from Sport and Entertainment Marketing to Exercise Science. There were two major problems; First, Thomas More didn’t offer it so I would’ve had to transfer for the 2nd time in two year since Freshman year I spent at Morehead State and walked onto the football team. The second being I would’ve had to pretty much restart college (not a big fan of school). So I decided to create my own major within my major. Everything I did project-wise revolved around the fitness industry. I had a plan after graduation to start my own supplement and lifestyle company - Fortitude Behavior. Starting the business wasn’t enough though. I decided to dive back into the books and get my personal trainer’s certificate through NASM. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time and finally made the leap of faith.

My mission is to help spread positivity and self awareness- to know your worth, and to understand how valuable you truly are. We as people are a part of this crazy thing we call LIFE together. We all have our differences, but realistically we are the same. We go through our own everyday struggles-anxiety, hard troubles, loss, and life’s own unpredictable adversity. If we can work to become open-minded, a subject to humility and let our ego go. Instead of tearing each other down over our differences, we can better understand where each of us are coming and we can build each other up.

Over the course of my life I have always had the saying for myself “Dare To Be Great”, which has transcended into the forefront of FORTITUDE BEHAVIOR- the mentality to see through the highs and lows of life by having the confidence to bet on yourself to overcome whatever stands between you and your goals. Life is too short to take any second for granted. If you fail, get back up and keep moving forward because your past and failures do not define the person you are, they are part of the journey that has created your present self and it is all up to you to make the most of your future self starting now. Never sell yourself short and consistently strive to be a better version of yourself day in and day out. Most importantly- remember that in every NEGA+IVE situation there is a positive and never forget to love yourself first.